Here are some of James’ key points:

  • Clients often overlook energy costs when determining how much they can afford to spend on housing each month. They can get hung up over a $5,000 difference in price—which amounts to about $20 a month—without realizing that some simple changes can make up that difference in the monthly utility bills.
  • There are loan programs available for buyers who want to finance energy improvements. However, many energy improvements are simple and relatively inexpensive, such as new insulation or new energy-efficient appliances.
  • The benefits of a green home go beyond dollar savings. A green home offers better air quality and air flow, and thus offers a better quality of life.
  • Currently, there’s no way to gauge the return on investment in making your home more green. However, MLSs are beginning to keep a closer eye on the data, and better information should be available in the next few years.