What does Homeownership Mean?

Homeownership is something that is at the foundation of the ‘American Dream’, but it means more than just owning a house.  We are all aware of the costs associated with ownership; commissions, fees, taxes, insurance, warranties, upkeep, repairs, and not to mention, contracts and making sense of it all…!!  Yikes!   It is very easy to get swept away with fear of the sudden loss of all your nickels and dimes!  OUCH!  But please, rest assured, that it is possible, and it is worth it!  Here’s why;

When you buy your first home, you have worked for it!  There is a huge sense of pride to hold the keys to your first home.  You have just made a huge life decision, and put down roots in a town you love.  You chose this place for many personal reasons, and one of those reasons will always come back to the community.  You wanted a home in the right neighborhood/town/state.

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With the purchase of Real Estate, you are essentially investing in the community that it resides.  Homeownership is the key to developing funding for our schools, social services, safety, local infrastructure, and communities as a whole.  Putting roots into a place, means you’re now part of that community, and you have an interest in How, Why, and When they are represented within Local, State, and National platforms.  With the purchase of Real Estate, you essentially become involved in the political process.

With so many programs aimed to helping First Time Home Buyers, and the knowledge and connections of a local REALTOR, your dreams of owning a home are your reach.

So, Congratulations on your decision to take the next step in life!  By choosing me as your local Real Estate Broker you can feel confident that your questions, concerns, and needs will always be my top priority.  Give me a call!  Let’s Talk!  I know I can help you.