View of Eugene, Oregon from Skinner Butte Park


Thinking about moving to Eugene, Oregon?  Read about some of the history, and learn why Eugene is a special place.


This historic 100 acre park is named after Eugene Skinner, the founder of Eugene, Oregon. Eugene Skinner was the first Euro-American settler of the southern Willamette Valley.


Skinner Butte Climbing Columns. Old quarry that was abandoned in 1930’s. Rock was used in Eugene for building roads, foundations, and grave markers.

Outdoors & Sustainability-

Moving to Eugene, Oregon will give you many opportunities to stay active.  In 2013, Eugene was awarded Gold Level Status for being a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.  With miles upon miles of bike paths and bike-friendly streets, Eugene makes if very easy to bike to wherever you need.  With 23 distinct neighborhoods, and a variety of housing options, Eugene offers easy access to all businesses and services throughout.  Eugene also continues to strive to bring its citizens a robust public transit system to help with their carbon footprint and city congestion.  Eugene rests in between 2 Buttes, providing those who live here, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, prime for breath taking panoramic views and plenty of photo opportunities.  Go Fishing or Rafting on the Willamette River, play Golf at the many courses and clubs located here, and enjoy the bustling downtown and shop the many local boutiques and businesses.

The Eugene Saturday Market is a weekly market in a park features wares by 200+ local artisans, plus food vendors & live music.

Agriculture & Food-

Since the time of the migration through the Oregon Trail, the Willamette Valley has been known for its fertile soils and green scenery.  Agriculture is booming all along the West Coast, and Eugene, Oregon is no exception!  Some of the leading crops in the Willamette Valley are hazelnuts, grapes for wine, and vegetables.  Eugene is the home to numerous farms and vineyards, allowing its citizens some of the tastiest treats, sweets, bites, drinks, and spirits around.  When you move to Eugene Oregon, you will have no shortage of options when it comes to restaurants,local wines, local brews, and coffee from local roasters.


Art & Science- 

Many college students move to Eugene, Oregon to attend the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences.  Eugene is home to the Oregon Bach Festival, the Eugene Symphony, the Hult Center for Performing Arts, Eugene Science Center, and several Museums.  Rich with history, culture, and diversity, Eugene, Oregon is a desirable destination for many.



Many families move to Eugene, Oregon because Eugene is a family-friendly town.  Kids have many safe options to play, learn, and grow here.  There are lots of traditions here in Eugene, but none are as deep set as going to the local baseball field to watch the Eugene EM’s play a game.  Sluggo the mascot makes sure the kids are laughing and having a memorable time.  Eugene has many city parks sprinkled throughout all urban areas, hundreds of miles of hiking trails to hike or bike, and lots of opportunities to fish and camp.  Local farms with activities and kid-friendly restaurants.  Eugene also has a children’s museum and learning centers all to keep them curious and entertained.


Jobs, Business Start-Ups, Technology & Innovations- 

In 1964, the Nike running show was created here, and the rest is history!

Many people move to Eugene, Oregon because they seek the freedom to grow their ideas into a thriving business.  Eugene offers a network of professionals that are geared towards tech, business, economics, and marketing.  Home to many tech start-ups and incubator/accelerator programs, many come here to make their dreams a reality.  In 2012 the Eugene, Oregon metro area was nicknamed ‘The Silicon Shire’.  Eugene, Oregon is home to a thriving technology sector.  In 2015, the region’s rapid growth led to Eugene being named one of “The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs” by Fast Company magazine.  One of the most famous start-ups from Eugene, Oregon was of course, Nike.



Top Employers-

UO was founded in 1876, the institution’s 295-acre campus is located along the Willamette River.

The top employers of this area are; University of Oregon, Peace Health, Lane County, Eugene 4J School District, Springfield School District, and the City of Eugene.

PeaceHealth is a non-profit health care organization that operates ten hospitals in the Western United States.








Historic Traditions-

“Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it” -Steve Prefontaine

When you live in Eugene, Oregon, you learn quickly that there are some deep-rooted traditions that are evident from the many innovations that have came from here.  Eugene, Oregon is the host to some of the most elite athletes in the world.  Known as ‘Track Town USA’, Eugene lives up to its name.  The historic Hayward Field is located in the heart of Eugene and the University of Oregon.

Steve Prefontaine:  This track has graced some of the best, but none more iconic to locals and the world, than Steve Prefontaine.  In honor of his memory, Eugene hosts The Prefontaine Classic every year.  Given Eugene’s long history with sports, Eugene is also host to the Olympic Track and Field Team Trials, bringing in millions in revenue to the city and state.


Local Housing Market & Statistics-

In 2015, United Van Lines released its Annual Mover’s Study and found that Oregon was the top destination.  In 2016, more people moved into Oregon than moved out. ranked Eugene one of the top three places to live in Oregon.  With so many desirable angles to Eugene, Oregon, it’s no wonder that so many people seek to live here.



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