Tiny Homes have stirred up some Big Issues.  Learn more about how we move forward from here.

Tiny House living is intended to reduce our carbon footprint, and to assist in today’s growing housing crisis.  As the market gains momentum, so can the divide among many to realize their dream of home ownership.  Some people are being priced out of he market, making Tiny homes seem like a good idea.  Many issues have came to light when it comes to the sale and construction of Tiny Homes.  Many issues surround this topic, and it might not be as cut and dry as you might think.  Tiny Homes...Big Problems?

Real Estate and the issues that surround it are as political as they come.  Making sure that all people are represented and given opportunities equally is what I love about being a Realtor the most.

Watch this video to learn more about the Tiny Home, Big Issues.

Tiny Homes...Big Problems?

Check out this local organization that is building a Tiny Home Community @ squareonevillages.org/emerald

See how Springfield Oregon is leading the way in Lane County!