So, you’ve decided that NOW is the best time to sell your home!  Congrats!  Now, you need to get you home ready for inspection…GASP!!  It hits you then, this is more than you know what to do with.  Years of clutter and unseen blemishes lurk at every corner.  You don’t have time for this!!

Don’t worry…Nothing has to be perfect, but a well-rounded home is more likely to get multiple offers.  So let’s just take a second to breathe, and do an assessment.  First, do a walk-through of your home.  Look at it through the eyes of a buyer.  Next, take notes of all the fixes you need to make.  Lastly, prioritize your list by considering these main things; (not necessarily in this order)

  1. Electrical- Make sure there are no issues, and meets current code and safety standards.
  2. Heating- Inspect, clean, and maintenance your heating system.
  3. Energy Efficiency- Make as many efforts to weatherize your home. Insulation needs, door and window jams, appliances, etc.  (Check with your local power/utility company for any local programs or discounts/grants to help with the cost of weatherization.  Some restrictions apply.)
  4. Plumbing- Make sure all leaks are fixed and no water or mold damage is present.
  5. Safety/Environmental Risks– Fire hazards, broken steps, broken handrails, buried or abandoned oil tanks, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.
  6. Cosmetic Fixes- Typically inexpensive fixes that you can handle yourself. Up your curb appeal by De-cluttering and Cleaning inside and outside of home, fresh paint, new carpet or flooring, fix holes/scratches/wall cracks/baseboards/trim, fix improperly hung doors, replace screens, etc.

It is very important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically to make the fixes your home needs. As a Seller, you need to have a product that is ‘ready to go’.  If you can do some work before you decide to list your home, and work with a trusted REALTOR, you will have a quick and painless transaction with more offers.


Feel free to contact me anytime.  I can help you find the professionals you need to make this project a reality.  It would be my greatest honor to help you.

“Helping You Make the Connections”